Thursday, July 18, 2013

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

Haha, got ya'! That's right, this post isn't about peter pan. I just couldn't resist a little rhyme. You know, lately I've been thinking a lot. I am one of those people that just needs control, all of the time. When things are going crazy all around you it's hard to maintain the proper focus. I even can get a little stressed about the future sometimes. The other day I just felt like the Lord was telling me to trust in him.

Word picture time: Imagine being a kid again. You are playing that game where you close your eyes and your friend leads you around blindly. (Tell me I'm not the only one who has ever done this? Haha) The entire time you continue to ask your friend, " Am I going to run into a wall? Am I going to step on something?" And your friend continues to reassure that while you can't see where you are being led, he/she knows how to lead you in a way that will keep you safe. It's the same way with God. He's leading us, and though we are blind he sees the whole picture. So he gives us His word, repeating over and over again to simply trust in Him.

I am one to despise cliches, and overly used verses are something I often, unintentionally overlook. But for some reason one verse has come to mind and I have to keep repeating it to myself.

Psalm 3:5-6  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will dirrect your path."


  1. So tree. Remember playing "blind man" on the trampoline? ha-ha priceless.

  2. Truth girl! Good read for me today. Trust is something I've been praying for increase on this week!

    Patterned Love

  3. I definitely needed to read this today! Thank you!
    As a fellow control-freak, I can definitely relate.
    I think you may enjoy this article I read the other day:

    Have a beautiful evening, Alex!

    1. That article is awesome! Thanks for sharing <3

  4. Amen!
    I need to be controlled and I am afraid of my future too but thanks for reminding me Alex.

    This post is beautiful, I need to trust in Him more each day.

    Oh I am sorry that I dont aks your permit. I have made a board on my Pinterest it's called Alexander's Style. I have wanted to have this since I like your style on in to the woods. I hope you're alright.
    Dont worried I put your site there :)


    1. Aww, thank you Delvalina! And no worries, I am honored that you would make a board featuring my style! Thank you <3

  5. Oh my goodness! This is TOTALLY what I needed to hear! My sister is going to college in California in like, three weeks, I'm super, super, super close to her! It is really hard for me. And I'm having a bit of trouble trusting God. I keep on forgetting to trust Him, that everything works together for good. Thank you so much for this, Alex! It's like you've been the fly on my wall today!
    God bless your day!

    1. I'm sure that would be incredibly difficult- I have one sister and I can only imagine! I'm so glad this was helpful for you <3

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